Pump Up Your Sales With These Remarkable Types Of Display Counters

Pump Up Your Sales With These Remarkable Types Of Display Counters
08 April, 2021

Are you thinking about starting your food business? If yes, then you must look for the right equipment that helps continue the flow of your business. When it comes to the food business, the food display counters are the ones that you should go for. A food display counter offers visibility of your products to customers and plays an essential role in handling and storing food items.

You might already know that people walk out the doors if they see a filthy and unorganized facility in the store. Hence, to master the art of perfection in your food business, you must search for the best food display manufacturer that understands your requirements and offers the right equipment for your store. Here we will take you through different types of display counters that pump up the sales and help you make a noticeable difference in the business.

Different Types of Display Counters:

1. Straight Display Counters

Straight Display Counters

Straight display counters are must-haves for bakeries or sweet shops because the glass walls offer a perfect view of fresh buttery pastries, cakes, and delicious sweets. Most display counter manufacturers ensure that these counters are compact yet sufficient enough to present multifarious food items. Moreover, they give a clear view at the customer’s eye level and help them choose their treats easily.

As the name suggests, the straight display counters are leveled vertically with multiple shelves and a sliding door to maintain food's temperature. These display counters are manufactured with innovative technology that focuses on sustainability and delivering high-quality products to the customers. They are ideal to use as a snack counter, pizza counter, sandwich counter, cakes or pastries counter, and sweet counter.

2. Round Display Counters

Round Display Counters

Round display counters are popular in the food business because they enhance the ambiance and attract customers with their captivating appearance. These display counters are perfect for bakeries as the rounded display with multiple shelves offers considerable space and an enlightened atmosphere for cakes, puffs, bread, or pastries. They are suitable for restaurants, bakeries, food stalls stationed inside movie halls, or cake shops.

You will find round display counters in single pieces or attached with bend display counters for extended storage. You can get such display counters by finding a reputed display counter manufacturer who offers high-quality and customizable products. No matter what size or design you select for the round display counters, make sure to place them at the right place in your store to create a maximum impact on customers.

3. Bend Display Counters

Bend Display Counters

Bend display counters are perfect for food stalls, snack corners, or restaurants with minimum space. These counters help customers get a detailed view of all the food items present in the store and add ease to their selection. You can choose the bend display counters for displaying several food items such as sweets, cakes, pastries, cakes, snacks, etc.

The display counter manufacturers mostly create these counters with 2-3 shelves, but you can get them customized as per your business needs. Apart from enhancing the display of food items, the curved and bent surface adds a sophisticated yet classy look to the store. Besides, the right amount of ambient light and temperature adds to the appearance and quality of food items, respectively. If you have a bakery or sweet shop, then bend display counters will be a perfect choice for your store as they also serve as the reception counters.

4. Drawer Type Container Display Counters

Drawer Type Container Display Counters

These display counters come with several drawers placed adjacent to each other for organized storage and display. They fit perfectly in stores, restaurants, or bakeries that deal with loose items. Besides, the drawer-type container display counters work wonders in case of grainy food items as they avoid their risk of falling to the floor while filling the items. Also, they facilitate easy collection and packaging of loose items, which improves the productivity of sellers and helps them handle multiple customers efficiently at busy hours.

5. L Shape Display Counters

L Shape Display Counters

Restaurants, hotels, or bakeries with small spaces can have the L shape display counters at their convenience. That’s because these counters hold a large amount of food items without occupying a huge space. Their compact yet considerable size helps such stores to keep a count on their sales without compromising their space. You can use the L shape display counters as food counters, sweet counters, snacks counters, or burger counters.

6. L Type Bend Glass Display Counters

L Type Bend Glass Display Counters

The L type bend glass display counters are a modified version of the above one. They are elegant in display and add an aesthetic appeal to the store when filled with different food items. Bakeries, sweet shops, or cake shops with over-the-top counters can choose these L type bend glass display counters as they hold many items. Besides, they give a clear glance of items to the customers and help them in selecting their treats.

These display counters are suitable for both large and small shops as the L shape fits into any corner, leaving enough space for shopkeepers and customers to interact with each other. Apart from the storage and display, these display counters add a flawless appearance to the stores and help customers to easily scan the items present in the store.

7. J Type Bend Display Counters

J Type Bend Display Counters

The J type bend display counters are the right choice for stores operating in small spaces. You can also use them in food trucks or mobile food takeaway joints as they occupy a smaller space and hold several food items at the same time. The J type bend display counters have a shape of the letter ‘J’ which makes them convenient for fitting in corners or small places. You can use them optimally for displaying and storing sweets, pastries, bread, chat, or chocolates.

8. Container Type Namkeen Display Counters

Container Type Namkeen Display Counters

Do you have to deal with granular food items? If yes, then the container type namkeen display counters will be a perfect fit for your shop. These counters help you present all the food items in an impressive and organized manner without worrying about their misplacement. The containers present in the counters also make it easy to carry the items and pack them separately without mixing with other items. You can use the container type namkeen display counters in cafes, sweet shops, namkeen shops, and food corners.

9. Pizza Display Counters

Pizza Display Counters

Are you thinking about starting your own pizza shop? Then you must definitely try adding the pizza display counters to your shop. These display counters are available in several shapes and sizes that fit the requirements of both small and large businesses. No matter how big or small your pizzas are, these counters will effectively hold them and give a flawless view of tasty treats to your customers. You can contact the nearest display counter manufacturer to get the right designs for your store and stand out from your competitors.


The success of any food business depends on its appearance, service, and food quality. All of these things fall into place when you are equipped with the right food display counters. So, make sure you keep this list of different types of display counters and choose the one that suits your business needs.

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